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Is this teenager the UK’s biggest Doctor Who fan?



Six years’ worth of pocket money and 1,500 pieces of Doctor Who memorabilia

A teenager who has spent six years’ worth of pocket money buying 1,500 pieces of Doctor Who memorabilia says that her collection is now worth almost £10,000.

Sophie Clark, 17, started collecting back in 2010 but has now been banned as her mum claims her life-sized Daleks and aliens are taking over their house.

She’s even resorted to using the garage as a storage room for the bits of memorabilia that are too big to fit into the house.

But despite how much the collection is now worth, Sophie says that she’ll never sell a single item.

(Picture: Dan Rowlands/Caters)

‘My obsession with everything Doctor Who started six years ago when my mum bought me a magazine with a DVD, and overnight I was addicted,’ she explains.

The animal care student receives £20 a week in pocket money from her mum and grandparents which goes towards clothes and more Doctor Who gear.

Her collection of 750 Doctor Who magazines alone comes to £3,750, while her 5,000 figures come to around £3,000.

Sophie said she saves up to buy the more expensive pieces, such as latex masks.

PIC BY DAN ROWLANDS/CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Sophie Emma Clark with some of her collection) - Is this the UKs biggest Doctor Who fan? A teenager has spent six years worth of pocket money to buy 1500 items of memorabilia and now claims its worth almost 10,000. Sophie Emma Clark, 17, from Leeds, started her collection, which includes life sized Daleks, alien and Doctor figures, in 2010. But despite her mum, Sandra, 41, also being a Doctor Who fan, she has since banned her daughter from buying anymore souvenirs as it is taking over the family home. With some items too big to even fit into their home, Sophie has no choice but to store some of her prized possessions in the garage. After using her pocket money and saving spare cash from birthdays and Christmases, Sophie now has over 1500 items dotted all over her home. SEE CATERS COPY.

‘I found myself buying magazines, and I would ask for Doctor Who themed birthday and Christmas gifts,’ she says.

‘My entire conservatory was a Doctor Who room, then my collection got too big and I had to pack it all in boxes. My life-sized Dalek couldn’t even fit through the door.’

She says that although she loves the programme, she used to get embarrassed when her mates came over so she would pretend the vast collection was her brother’s.

(Picture: Dan Rowlands/Caters)
Or she’d put huge posters over the windows so that no one could see inside.

So, who’s her favourite Doctor?

‘David Tennant (is) my favourite Doctor by a mile. I thought about giving up on the show when he left but I stuck with it like a true Doctor Who fan.’

Her ambition is to have a spare room in her future house, to act as a showroom for the memorabilia.

(Picture: Dan Rowlands/Caters)
‘When I’m older, I’m going to make sure I can get all of my stuff out in a big spare room at my own house,’ she says.‘I’m so proud of my collection and there’s no way I’d ever be selling it – even though it’s probably all worth a small fortune.’Do you have a collection to beat Sophie. . . ?Then let us know in the comments below, we might do an article about you.


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