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‘Star Trek’ actor joins new season of ‘Doctor Who’?



STAR TREK BEYOND Deep Roy Keenser Simon Pegg Scotty

Deep Roy is rumoured to be playing a role in the second episode of Doctor Who‘s new season.

The Kenyan actor, stuntman, puppeteer and comedian was apparently spotted on location filming with the Doctor Who cast this week in Valencia, Spain.


Deep Roy played Keenser in the new Star Trek movies


According to a recent Twitter exchange (with pictures) between Doctor Who fans Señor J and Girly Letters, Kiran Shah was spotted on the set of Series Ten at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain.
This is based on the claim by Girly Letters that “someone” had allegedly seen Shah on set in Cardiff, Wales.
The photo’s suggest that he is playing a robot in the episode, which is written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce (‘In the Forest of the Night’) and also guest stars Mina Anwar (The Sarah Jane Adventures) and Ralf Little (The Royle Family).
 Craig Garner, Kiran Shah, Deep Roy (credit: Willow Management, HCK Photography, IMDB)

There are a few problems with this assertion.

First of all, it cannot easily be determined who the person in the pictures is, or even if it is a single individual. Secondly, there is no confirmation that Shah was recently on set. Lastly, actor Craig Garner tweeted a picture from location in Valencia.

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 Last day filming in Valencia! Amazing locations and having such a blast. Fly home In the morning.




Anyway, both Shah and Roy have appeared on Doctor Who previously. The first time that Shah was on Doctor Who was in the role of the unknown figure under the blanket in the Series Eight episode ‘Listen.’


As for Roy, he played the part of The Peking Homunculus aka Mr. Sin in the 1977 Fourth Doctor story ‘The Talons of Weng-Chiang,’ and a Posicarian delegate in the 1986 Sixth Doctor story ‘Mindwarp.’

Another fan recently leaked the casting and character names of Mina Anwar, Kaizer Akhtar, and Ralf Little before the information was officially announced. It seems to be the in thing to do this season.

It looks like the person in Valencia in the long purple coat might be Anwar. She was previously Gita Chandra on The Sarah Jane Adventures, and is playing “Goodthing” in Series Ten of Doctor Who. Anwar also tweeted from location.

And that’s a wrap in Valencia. Mucho calor and bloody brilliant !


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