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season 10 spoilers: ‘Poirot’ actor signs up for guest spot



Actor David Suchet to play The Landlord.

While “Doctor Who” is a series with a relatively small main cast, one of the ways in which this benefits them is that they are able to routinely bring in a series of notable names to experiment with. “Poirot” actor David Suchet just happens to be one of those said names.



The BBC has confirmed that Suchet is going to be appearing on an upcoming episode written by Mike Bartlett in the upcoming season. There aren’t too many details about the character known as of yet, beyond that his character will be named “The Landlord.” We always wonder about characters who are identified with these sort of terms rather than complete names, mostly because for the most part, it doesn’t mean great things for the heroes.


As a whole, our expectation of this character is that they will prove themselves to be an interesting person to watch; yes, that may be vague, but there is something to be said for someone who is created specifically for the purpose of us being able to ask questions about them.

Season 10 will premiere on the BBC at some point in the new year, and beyond the guest actors who will be stopping by, there are two other notable things about it: This will be the first season featuring Pearl Mackie as a companion, and it will be the final full season for showrunner Steven Moffat. After this batch of episodes and the Christmas Special, he will be replaced by Chris Chibnall.


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