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Season 10 spoilers


The Time Lord and his companions are confirmed to be returning for another run in “Doctor Who” season 10, as three new characters are confirmed for the upcoming season. However, speculations suggest that this season may also be the last run for Peter Capaldi as The Doctor.

According to Den of Geek, some fans have dug up casting details for the next season of “Doctor Who.” Reportedly, there will be at least three new additions to the show, and based on their character names, they will be closely related to one another.


It is revealed that one of the characters is Praiseworthy, to be played by , who previously appeared in other series like “Tut,” “Baby Jake,” and “The Honourable Woman.” Meanwhile, another “Doctor Who” character, Steadfast, is to be played by  (“The Royale Family,” “Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps”). Meanwhile, completing the trio is  (Gita from “The Sarah Jane Adventures”) as Goodthing.

Ralf Little

Since season 10 of “Doctor Who” is expected to appear by early 2017, there may still be upcoming casting announcements on a number of new characters.images

Meanwhile, there are rumors saying that the next season will be the last run of Peter Capaldi as the Time Lord. Allegedly, the lead is having some health issues at the moment which may prove to be a hindrance next season. Although the creative team has not yet confirmed the issue, Capaldi’s exit is said to benefit the show in the long run.

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