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Russell T Davies returns to the TARDIS



In the UK, fans can enjoy former Doctor Who boss Russell T Davies visiting the latest TARDIS in a special edition of The South Bank Show devoted to the writer.

The episode, available on Sky On Demand and Sky Go, is an hour long interveiw with RTD as he goes over his impressive career with presenter Melvyn Bragg. Davies discusses shows such as Channel 4’s Queer as Folk and Cucumber, ITV’s The Second Coming (starring Christopher Eccleston), and many, many more.

Sky have also released an interview with Russell to accompany the show, check it out below along with a clip.

What were the most challenging aspects of bringing Dr Who back to our screens?

I think the single greatest problem was the way the show had degraded in people’s memories. Unfairly, I think! As a fan, I knew it was always brilliant, but I could see that for the public, they remembered the cheap ephemera. So we had to awaken that old love, repair the memories, while at the same time presenting it to a new generation as completely new. Quite a juggling act! But I’m enormously proud of our success, every single day.

When did you discover you could make a living from writing for TV? Did you always want to write?

Well I’m still waiting for that living to come to an end – writers are as insecure as anyone! But yes, I think the urge to write was just innate – I was always writing, from right back when I was drawing in school and carving things into school desks – I used to cover my school desks so elaborately that the teachers didn’t tell me off, they loved it!

What advice can you give to an aspiring writer?

Write! Everyone talks about it. The ones who do it get ahead. Always remember, someone else started writing today, when you didn’t, so they’re ahead of you.

Russell T Davies on The South Bank Show

The South Bank Show – Russell T Davies is available on Sky On Demand and Sky Go in the UK

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