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Power of The Daleks Animation



On Sunday August 21 – 2016  a video appeared on YouTube professing to be a leaked official BBC Animation, this animation then quickly vanished, blocked by BBC Worldwide on copyright grounds… it was a two minute clip of scenes from Power of the Daleks which had been animated to a very professional standard. Whopix  managed to grab the video before it vanished and it looks fantastic! Check out these screengrabs!





Doctor Who news have been scouring the web to try and find any other videos to share, but it looks like the BBC have got them all.



Cosgrove Hall demo reel


 There was a Cosgrove Hall demo reel where this was done as an experiment and it never went anywhere. As you can see the Cosgrove Hall stuff is  in a different style.


May be in some way related

We did come across a video animated by Rob Ritchie  that may be in some way related to the release.


Power Of The Daleks 8mm Surviving Clips

Here are the surviving clips from Power of the Daleks and also a TV trailer from the 1966 episode.

You have just got to love the cardboard cutout Daleks in this shot.


Rumours that power of the Daleks has been found

There have been long standing rumours that power of the Daleks has been found and the BBC are animating the missing ones for release on DVD and BBC store. Being  Patrick  Troughton’s  first appearance and a Dalek story the BBC may feel it more viable to animate than underwater menace which is not as popular a story.



Whopix thinks the most likely release date for a DVD would be October 30th as that’s the closest Monday prior to the anniversary of the original transmission of part one on November 5th 1966, which this year falls on a Sunday the day after the 50th anniversary of part one.

If you have a link to any further information about the episode or the animation please comment in the comments area below.

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