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The Moment Ranked Second Most Destructive Weapon by GameSpot


the War Doctor and the Moment in 'The Day of the Doctor' (credit: BBC)

In science fiction, truly devastating weapons are virtually everywhere. This even includes Doctor Who, which has recently been listed by GameSpot as having one of the 25 deadliest weapons ever imagined.

The world of science fiction is rife with incredible weapons. The Death Star. Light sabers. Disruptors. Nova bombs. Seemingly everywhere we look in this genre, there are weapons of unbelievable power, whether they are on the side of good or evil.

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In theory, Doctor Who would not be a place where one would expect to find such high powered weaponry. After all, the Doctor is armed with a screwdriver, and is well known for his general abhorrence of violence. While he is not averse to blowing up the occasional hive of Daleks, the Doctor obviously prefers a more non-violent path.

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When it comes to one of the more potent weapons in sci-fi history, however, Doctor Who is well represented. In a list written by hanhsolo of GameSpot, we are given an opinion of the 25 deadliest weapons in science fiction. The Moment is ranked second, trailing only the Infinity Gauntlet. Yes, The Moment, the interface of which took on the form of Rose Tyler, is considered to be one of the biggest weapons of mass destruction in all of sci-fi.

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It is certainly easy to see why. Not only can The Moment destroy multiple universes in less time than it takes to make toast (a moment is technically 90 seconds), but it can shred the fabric of time itself. Add to this the fact that it is sentient, telepathic, and has a conscience, and the Whoniverse has quite the unique, and devastating, weapon of choice.

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One may not think of Doctor Who when it comes to the greatest weapons in the history of science fiction, but maybe that should be reconsidered. After all, any universe that has a weapon like The Moment has to have a few other highly destructive gadgets lurking around somewhere in time.


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