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Matt Smith Talks Possibility Of A Doctor Who Return



To many fans, Matt Smith is their go-to Doctor. The British actor nabbed his breakout role in the BBC series Doctor Who and stole fans’ hearts by playing the Eleventh Doctor. The whimsical yet terrifying character was one that stretched Smith’s talents to their limits, and fans were gutted to see the actor exit the sci-fi series years ago. Since his departure, rumors have circulated on-and-off that Smith would return to Doctor Who to reprise his role, and now the actor is commenting on the persistent gossip.


Smith spoke with Entertainment Weekly to promote his new series The Crown which is available on Netflix. The actor was asked about the chatter regarding his return, and Smith said he would take the return very seriously.

“There are rumors that I’m coming back?” he joked. “There’s always rumors. I don’t know…I haven’t been approached. I would consider any approach and take it very seriously.”

However, the actor seems content to sit back and watch Doctor Who unfold as is. Smith said he is a “huge fan” of the series. “I will always support it as it gave me such a wonderful break.”


Currently, the hit series is following the adventures of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor. Smith was asked whether he gave any advice to his successor, and the actor admitted that he did. So, what was that advice?

“Listen to no one,” Smith recounted. “There’s so many opinions out there and you’ve got to filter so many of those voices out. On that show, you’ve got to have a clear vision and Peter obviously does. He’s wonderful.”

Of course, this isn’t the only time Smith has been asked about his potential return to Doctor Who. Ever since the actor left in 2013, fans have been doggedly pleading for him to come back. Chatter about Smith’s return began rumbling earlier this summer after showrunner Steven Moffat made an aside comment about Smith and his Doctor Who tenure.

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