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Matt Smith Comments on Eleventh Doctor’s Relationships


During the Tales From The TARDIS reunion panel at New York Comic Con, Matt Smith remarked on the Doctor’s love triangle with River Song and Clara Oswald.

While the Twelfth Doctor flat out stated to Clara Oswald that he was not her boyfriend, her relationship with the Eleventh Doctor existed in something of a perpetual grey area. It is a topic that has been widely debated amongst fans of Doctor Who.

Youtube user FloridaRaisin put together an excellent compilation video illustrating just how complicated this relationship was, as well as that of the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler (as can be seen below). Last year, David Tennant finally confirmed that Rose was, in fact, the Doctor’s girlfriend.

Well, during the Tales From The TARDIS reunion panel at New York Comic Con, Smith made a rather interesting remark on the Doctor’s love life.

Of course, for folks (especially immortals) who are continually traversing time and space, polyamory would align quite well with such a lifestyle.

Considering that Smith has also stated that he regrets not having a full season on the show with Jenna Coleman, who knows where their relationship would have gone?

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