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John Barrowman disguised himself at Comic-Con


John Barrowman went all out with his multiple cosplaying at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2016.

John Barrowman found a nifty way to enjoy Comic-Con as a fan: dress up in a Star Wars print dress and a Kylo Ren mask .

It did not seem possible, but Barrowman may have topped all of the times that he has worn heels, dresses, and/or wigs at conventions. To introduce Matt Groening at Comic-Con’s Eisner Awards, Barrowman cosplayed as Captain Zapp Brannigan from the animated science fiction comedy show Futurama.


CoBpLvbUsAAV4qJYes Squirrel Girl happened

13754491_1228219890521764_4596375306759350964_nAnd the final look of the evening. It’s a comic con without a JB Harley Quinn cosplay Comic-Con International Comic-Con HQ #EisnerAwards

BtipbezIgAEPB9pHe’s not the first celeb to don a disguise to wander the event without getting mobbed (remember Dan Radcliffe as Spiderman in 2014 ?), nor will he be the last. But JB Harley Quinn is an outfit that’s going to take a bit of beating.

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