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First look at Peter Capaldi during filming



The tenth season of “Doctor Who” is currently in production in Wales, and since everyone is in the process of filming still, you don’t exactly get many opportunities to see or hear from them.

Luckily, that changed ever so slightly recently when we got at least a look at Peter Capaldi while on set, signing some autographs with fans. We often shy away against set pictures, but since this one was posted by the show’s official Twitter account, we’re fine with having it out there.


Here’s Peter hanging out with some fans on a break in filming for episode 1 of the new series! #DoctorWho #DrWho #whovian #fandom

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Now, is there anything about this photo that is particularly notable beyond the signing? There are some minor differences between the outfit above and the one that Capaldi is wearing below, but we don’t quite think that it is anything to jump up and down about. After all, the big surprises of this season are going to have to do about much more than just an outfit. After all, we are going to meet Pearl Mackie and her character of Bill during the season premiere, and finding out about her energy and relationship with Twelve will be part of the fun.

Granted, there’s also a Christmas Special still out there … though this one is SUPER mysterious and there is almost no one out there who knows much about it, aside from production. Hopefully, that will change really soon.

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