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On Location in Spain for Series Ten


Yesterday, the BBC released a picture of Mackie and Capaldi in Valencia.

Today, the Doctor Who team is on location in Valencia, Spain. They are there to film footage for episode two of Series Ten. The official Doctor Who Twitter account shared an image of Mackie and Peter Capaldi taking a selfie.

Here is the image of Mackie holding her phone (with what appears to be a spacey wacey case) high as she and Capaldi smile for the camera:

It’s not the first time Doctor Who have filmed on location in spain.

Here are just a few episodes the Doctor Who News team managed to find:

sgaThe Magician’s Apprenticethe first episode of the ninth series; (Garachico, Tenerife).

20141009-dw-8x07_3441Kill the Moonthe seventh episode of the eighth series; (Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain).

Doctor-Who-Asylum-Of-The-Daleks-1Asylum of the Daleksthe first episode of the seventh series.; (Granada, Spain).

mercy-pics-c-12 A Town Called Mercy – the third episode of the seventh series; (Almeria, Spain).

doctor_who__planet_of_fire_beachPlanet of Fire the fifth story in season 21; (Lanzarote, Spain).

CYeS6-OWQAAzyDTThe Two Doctorsthe fourth serial of the 22nd season; (Seville, Spain).

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  1. […] (with pictures) between Doctor Who fans Señor J and Girly Letters, Kiran Shah was spotted on the set of Series Ten at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain. This is based on the claim by Girly Letters […]

  2. […] Production is currently underway for Doctor Who Season 10. As expected, Peter Capaldi is once again playing the lead role of Time Lord. He also has a new companion by his side, i.e., Pearl Mackie. Thus, everything seems to be in order. Moreover, fans can sit back and relax for the series premiere in 2017. […]

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