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The Doctor will Fight A Superman-Like Character this Christmas



It looks like Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will have to compete with another alien from a superior race in Doctor Who this Christmas. According to reports, the Time Lord from Gallifrey will go head-to-head with a superhero figure who might not be from this world.

In the only episode that Whovians will get this year, the Doctor will not welcome a temporary companion on board the TARDIS. It has been revealed that Matt Lucas, who will reprise his role as Nardole, will be Capaldi’s co-pilot this coming holiday season. As show creator Steven Moffat previously stated, new companion Pearl Mackie will be formally introduced as Bill in Series 10 next year.

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Radio Times reported that joining Capaldi and Lucas into time and space this Christmas is Canadian actor Justin Chatwin. According to the site, the former Shameless star will play the role of a “superhero character” who, likely, is from another world.

While the Doctor has a ship that can travel through space and time, he and his companion have met plenty of popular fictional characters along their journey. Two years ago, Clara (Jenna Coleman) has met Santa Claus (portrayed by British comedian Nick Frost) in Last Christmas.

While the reports did not mention Superman, the character that Chatwin will play is reminiscent of the popular comic book hero from DC. Before becoming Clark Kent, he was Kal-El, a citizen of Krypton.

However, Radio Times added that the superhero that will be featured in the upcoming special might not be a friend of the Doctor. The site revealed that the character will be “brash” and likely have “dark interstellar secrets.”

Moffat promised that the Christmas Special this year has “a lot of heart [and] a lot of brain too.” The Doctor Who writer, Mark Gatiss, claimed that the script (penned by Moffat) made him cry.

The still untitled episode will air on Dec. 25, 2016. Meanwhile, Series 10 of Doctor Who will premiere in 2017.

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