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Doctor Who’s Tom Baker says ‘old people’ shouldn’t have been allowed Brexit vote


Tom-Baker-MainThe legendary Time Lord has slammed OAPs and politicians in a rant against the outcome of the EU referendum
Doctor Who legend Tom Baker has angrily hit out at “old people” and politicians after the Brexit vote.

The 82-year-old actor – who played the fourth incarnation of the Time Lord in the long-running BBC sci fi classic – has slammed the result of the EU referendum and had a bleak outlook on whether the elderly should be allowed to have their say.

“I’m amazing, actually, that they allow old people a vote. It should be for the future generations to decide. I no longer care,” he admitted to the Daily Star.

“I am old so it’s not my problem. I’ll be dead. I’m resigned to that. I could weep when I read terrible, crushing headlines about the mountain of grief in the world – but what can I do for them?”

JS45821972Tom Baker as the fourth incarnation of The Doctor

Baker played the Doctor between 1974 and 1981, and branded MPs as “mostly w*****s” as he sounded off about the general “contempt and mistrust”.

He said:

“They’re mostly w*****s. I don’t think they have any ideas. Never have we all felt such utter contempt and mistrust of our governing class.

“People say, ‘There’s an MP at the door? Well, kick is b*****s in!’ We’re living in tumultuous times.”

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