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The Doctor Who/Mr. Men Mashup First look


The thought of an official mashup between Doctor Who and the classic works of Roger Hargreaves was already too cute to bear when it was first announced. But we’ve got an exclusive look at the first book in the series, Dr. First, and it’s everything we could’ve wanted from this crossover.

Dr. First is the first, appropriately, in a series of Mr. Men-style children’s books being written and illustrated by Hargreaves’ son Adam for a new collaboration between the BBC and Penguin Random House. The line of books will launch early next year with stories featuring the First, Fourth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors, with other incarnations of the Time Lord following after. Check out some full pages from Dr. First below, making their debut on io9.


This really is just adorable. Grumpy Time Lords! Sinister creatures lurking in the shadows! Cybermen who are very deliberately not on holiday! Whoever would’ve thought Doctor Who and Mr. Men went together so well?

The first four books in the series will be available in April 2017 for $6 each—you can preorder them all here in the US, or directly from Amazon in the UK at these individual links.

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