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The Doctor Who: Don’t Blink! Mini-Game


Just in time for Halloween, the experimental Weeping Angels mini-game, Doctor Who: Don’t Blink!, has been released on the official BBC website.

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There have been  more than a few attempts at video and computer games for the Doctor Who franchise — some being more successful than others. Of all of them, the best may arguably be one that is the most elegantly simple.

There is a new game on the BBC’s official website. Doctor Who: Don’t Blink! gives the player the goal of… not blinking. Well, there is technically more to it than that. There is the incidental mission of waiting for the Doctor to arrive with the TARDIS, and then grabbing the key to get on board.

The game uses your computer’s webcam to track your eye movement, so it actually knows whether or not you are keeping your eyes open and straight ahead. You can also rotate between the four security cameras set up in the attic. The fact that any image of a Weeping Angel is a Weeping Angel makes the game all the more deliciously creepy.

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imagesLeah Tedesco played the game through a few times. It was cool, but she did run into a problem that seems to be a glitch: You are not allowed to grab the key unless the TARDIS has materialized in the attic. The game, however, kept giving me this message, even when the TARDIS was right there in front of her. she still had loads of fun both trying not to blink and blinking.

Doctor Who: Don't Blink! (credit: BBC)

Also, learning on the fail screen where and when the Angels sent you is amusing. The following are her first two attempts. 1872 AD on board the Mary Celeste:

Doctor Who: Don't Blink Mary Celeste fail screen (credit: BBC)

1940 AD in London during the Blitz:

Doctor Who: Don't Blink! London Blitz fail screen (credit: BBC)


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