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Disabled actor to be cast in major new role


Peter Capaldi Pearl MackiePeter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie

‘Doctor Who’ producers are set to cast a disabled actor.

Producers are determined to cast a disabled actor in ‘Doctor Who’ to “reflect the world we live in.”

In an attempt by BBC bosses to “reflect the world we live in”, the show’s casting director is making a concerted effort to nab an actor with an impairment to play a major role in the forthcoming series of the popular sci-fi series.

Speaking to The Daily Star newspaper, the show’s casting director Andy Pryor said:

“The area where I haven’t pushed hard enough is disability.

“That’s something I want to address in the 2017 series.”

And he isn’t the only one who wants to have a disabled character in the show as the head writer Steven Moffat, who will step down as producer next year, is also on board.

He said:

“He’s very much on board with that.”

The Doctor and his new sidekick

Andy’s new plan comes just a few weeks after it was revealed that only black actresses were auditioned for the Doctor’s (Peter Capaldi) new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie).

He said:

“I wholeheartedly approved of the decision to only audition non-white actresses. You don’t do it for the sake of it. You do it because it’s the right thing to do. Most actors in this country are white. Unless you are conscious about not always going in that direction you’re going to end up with the same cast all the time. And that’s not OK.

“I always want to cast the best actors but I want the show to be interesting, to be attractive to a diverse audience and to reflect the world we live in.”

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