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Capaldi Doesn’t Know if He’s Leaving or Not


Is Capaldi Leaving? Peter Capaldi has stuck with Doctor Who for upwards of two seasons. With Steven Moffat announced to leave after Season 10 next year, the question remains if the Twelfth Doctor goes with him. As of the 2016

The Power of the Daleks’ is a must-see for Whovians


After being lost for 50 years, fans will be able to see the debut of the Second Doctor and the first ever “renewal” in ‘Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks.’ Due to the nature of the show and the

Christmas Special Poster Really Wants Its Superhero To Be Batman


Canadian actor Justin Chatwin starring as Grant — otherwise known as the superhero “Ghost” — in the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special isn’t news. After all, the first clip from “The Return of Doctor Mysterio,” which airs Sunday, December 25

Everything You Need to Know About The Power of the Daleks


To celebrate the release of The Power of the Daleks animation on DVD and as a download through the BBC Store, LOVARZI are giving away five Grey Dalek Scarves, a design exclusive to Lovarzi. Learn more about Patrick Troughton’s first serial as

Christmas special revealed: 8 questions and observations


It’s been a long, difficult year without Doctor Who to keep us company. Even the continually brilliant Class – Patrick Ness’s spin-off – hasn’t been enough to slake our thirst. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel,

The Flash Meets Doctor Who In Lego Dimensions


Check out footage below where two time-travelling TV series pair up with The Flash and Doctor Who for LEGO Dimensions. The footage reveals the Doctor Who TARDIS travelling to the world of CW’s The Flash and STAR Labs. While we

Christmas Special releases a special sneak peek


During BBC Children in Need, BBC released a sneak peek of the Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Return of Doctor Mysterio. Now, it’s been released here in full for fans to meet the superhero (Justin Chatwin) the Doctor will be interacting

The Doctor Who/Mr. Men Mashup First look


The thought of an official mashup between Doctor Who and the classic works of Roger Hargreaves was already too cute to bear when it was first announced. But we’ve got an exclusive look at the first book in the series,

BBC call for Doctor Who revamp in 2018


BBC bosses want ‘Doctor Who’ to feel like a “brand new show” when it changes management in 2018. Chris Chibnall, 46, will be taking over from current showrunner Steven Moffatt when he steps down from the role in 2018, and

Peter Capaldi to narrate documentary about children with parents in prison


Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi will narrate a documentary about what it is like to have a parent in prison for BBC Children In Need. Prison, My Parents And Me will show what it is like to be a prisoner’s

Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff will close in summer 2017


  EVEN reversing the polarity of the neutron flow won’t stop this from happening – the Doctor Who Experience is closing. The award-winning attraction is shutting its doors next summer as a 5-year sub-lease from Cardiff Council is ending. It

Matt Smith Talks Possibility Of A Doctor Who Return


To many fans, Matt Smith is their go-to Doctor. The British actor nabbed his breakout role in the BBC series Doctor Who and stole fans’ hearts by playing the Eleventh Doctor. The whimsical yet terrifying character was one that stretched

Matt Smith ‘nearly died’ during The Crown filming


Actor Matt Smith has revealed he nearly died during filming for new lavish Netflix drama The Crown. The Doctor Who actor, who plays the Duke of Edinburgh in the costume drama, said he was riding a horse when it cantered

Get a sneak peak at the Christmas special


Doctor Who fans will get a first look at the show’s Christmas special during BBC Children In Need. The sneak peek of the festive episode, entitled The Return Of Doctor Mysterio, will air during the annual charity appeal show.  

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