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Canberra Whovian tries to break memorabilia record


7633790-3x2-700x467 Photo: Tim Kirsopp said his collection was worth about $90,000. (ABC News: Tom Lowrey)

Collector and Whovian Tim Kirsopp is showing off all of his Daleks, TARDISes and sonic screwdrivers in an attempt to break the world record.

7633846-3x2-340x227Photo: The collection includes a TARDIS bookshelf. (ABC News: Tom Lowrey)

The exhibition is part of the verification process, with a verdict expected within months.

“The current record is 2,145 pieces, which is held by a young fella in Wales – he got it in February,” Mr Kirsopp said.
“My collection is 3,215 pieces.”
The full collection has been roughly valued at $90,000, but Mr Kirsopp said his favourite item came free.
“In 1993, I was getting the Doctor Who magazine, and on the back they advertised a video cabinet,” he said.
“To get it from England, it was going to be about $600.
“So my grandad used the ad on the back of the magazine to build me one.”

7633916-3x2-700x467Photo: Tim Kirsopp is confident he will beat the world record. (ABC News: Tom Lowrey)

Among the more rare items are a series of Japanese Doctor Who novels.

Mr Kirsopp said the illustrators took some creative licence with their source material.
“You can tell by looking at the covers, whoever designed them and whoever did the illustrations has never seen Doctor Who in their life,” he said.

The exhibition is open until mid-November.


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