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Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar really wants to play the first Indian Doctor



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Actor Kunal Nayyar, best known for his role in American TV show “The Big Bang Theory”, says he was weeping uncontrollably when he broke the news of landing a role in the international sitcom to his family over phone. The star now wants to be the “first Indian ‘Doctor Who’”.

The actor, who plays Raj Koothrappali in “The Big Bang Theory”, shared how travelling has transformed his life ever since he left his home at 18.

He spoke about it in an exclusive video interview for British Airways, read a statement.

“The Big Bang Theory” is currently going into its tenth season and Kunal said when it’s over, he would like to play “Doctor Who” in the iconic British sci-fi TV show.

He said:

“Wouldn’t that be cool if I played Doctor Who? The first Indian ‘Doctor Who’ maybe after ‘Big Bang…’”

“On ‘Big Bang Theory’, it took six weeks for me to find out I had got that role. So they were present throughout those six weeks every day when I was calling them freaking out.

“I woke them up at 3.30 in the morning. Of course, the first thing your parents do when you call them in a different country is like, ‘Are you ok? Are you safe – why are you calling us at this time?’

“I was like ‘Ya, ya – I’m great’ and I am just weeping, just crying, because this meant so much to me to be this kid from New Delhi, India, who made it onto the big screen. And they really thought something was wrong because I’m crying. I told them I got the role and everyone was crying at the same time. It was very special.”

Kunal now regularly flies to different places for his work and believes air travel has changed the world for the better, giving people a chance to pursue their dreams and grow their businesses.

Kunal, who lives and works in Los Angeles, also opened up about how he finds inspiration for characters while travelling.

He said:

“All the time you meet people while I’m travelling and flying that inspire characters. I once met an elderly Indian gentleman on a plane who spoke in half-sentences. That was something I later used for (my character) Raj.”

“Another time I was flying and the plane took off, the lights dimmed, and the elderly gentleman in front of me stood up and completely disrobed in the aisle. I don’t think anyone saw him but I thought it was hilarious. Every time I do that now. No, I don’t – I’m joking,” he quipped.


It’s not news to anyone about The Big Bang Theory’s love of Doctor  Who. . . here are a few references we have found for you to enjoy.

This fan video has taken the connection between the two series to the next level.

The mash-up by Sydney Newman & Donald Wilson, combines the opening credits to the US comedy (which speeds through all of human history to the strains of the Barenaked Ladies) with the journeys of the Time Lord, starting with a Tardis flying through space, then racing through pictures of the Doctor and his companions throughout history. Not a direct reference from the show but we thought it would get you in the mood.

From sneaky Daleks to Tardis tunes, who knew Big Bang was such a Doctor Who fan?


We discovered, via Will Wheaton, that Sheldon has a Doctor Who Cyberman on his desk in The Big Bang Theory

But that’s not the sitcom’s only reference to Doctor Who. In fact, there are LOTS of nods to the Doctor throughout the show…


Like the lunchbox that popped up on top of the fridge


Or the Daleks dominating Stuart’s comic book store


And the shelf in Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment


Not to mention this Victory of The Daleks poster in the mirror behind Raj


Or Sheldon’s suggestion that The Doctor and a Dalek were one of a few forms of acceptable couples’ costumes

Speaking of costumes, did Penny pay homage to Amy Pond in the ‘sexy cop’ costume she wore in the Tardis?


It seems less likely when you see how unenthusiastic she and Amy were about their Doctor Who double date in series 5…


Stuart happily donned Doctor Who garb, however


 And yes, that was a Tardis photobooth you noticed Penny and Leonard falling out of
There are Doctor Who posters dotted all over Stuart’s comic book store

They pop up in the background all the time


Lurking in those hard to spot places


And Amy’s plan to make the most of it didn’t exactly work out either…

But Howard manages to make a declaration of love with The Doctor in a very special song


Dis you spot the Doctor Who villains on Sheldon’s t shirt?


He did tell Professor Proton his Whovian history has taught him a lot about grief

Because even the cast of the Big Bang Theory know that Saturdays aren’t the same without a decent dose of the Time Lord.


Howard’s  TARDIS : “One day this might double in value and be worth HALF of what I paid for it.” – Howard’s defence argument for Bernadette letting him move his life-sized TARDIS into their new home. We’ve all been there.


This Dalek poster. Even when the sitcom isn’t mentioning the show out loud, you never know what’s behind you. This subtle poster shows BBT’s approval of the new multicoloured ‘crayon Daleks’ from series 5.


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